Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dubai Film Festival

I got just one day free: friday.. and last friday a good friend of mine convinced me to go to Dubai. "lets go to Dubai to see a film" he said. I was afraid not to find any free place, since I had heard that everything was sold out, but not having anything to do and to do nothing together in Dubai is always better that not doing nothing in Al Ain. And besides I considere driving with an uncertain plan as my own private road movie, because in the two hours we have time to talk a lot, get to know each other better and fullfill the rituals we have when we go to Dubai, like his usual prayer at the mosque and my cold coffe at the Gas station.
We were lucky our road movie turned very well. We found out that there was a free film showing open air at JBR and besides it was an egypcian movie about underground music bands in Alexandria, where my friend comes from.
The film name was "Microphone". I loved the movie and the music and although the film doesn't have a happy ending, cause the bands weren't allow to play in the concert at the end, you know that the film itself IS the happy ending cause they had reach through it a broader audience that they would not have done with a concert.
After the film there was a concert with the bands and I did some sketches of them playing and also from the two main actors that where also present. The funny thing is that I got them to write their autographs on my sketches. So it was an ecceptional day! I also posted it in the urbansketchers blog

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