Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I went to see the Sonia Sabri dance Company in Abu Dhabi. The company is from Birmingham and was making a tour in the UAE. the show name was Kathakbox and was a mix between traditional indian Kathak dancing , hip hop and contemporary dance. It was very interesting to see the similarities between the different dance styles, and how at the end they are able to express the same things, the show was like a Rosetta stone giving you the keys to understand each dance style. For me that I have never seen Kathak before it was a great way to get to know it, appretiate it and get curious to see and learn more about it.

I try to make some sketches. It was very difficult but I guess I learnt some things....
1.- First I concentrate on drawing hands heads and feet. Not the body, in many cases I didn't even look at the paper. Later I added some light color arround the "ghost" of the body and I was surprise to see how clear the figure was. I had lost my waterbrush so I use a brush pen instead. It allows me to work fast but I still think with the watercolours the result could have been more interesting.
2.-Other new thing I learnt is that if I draw the negative space (between arms and body) that also gives you a very clear image of the figure.



  1. I love the expressions you have captured.

  2. Wow, these are really vibrant and full of movement! It's amazing how much you show with very few marks.

  3. thanks Charlotte,
    The truth is that I don't have much choice.. they were moving so fast that just concentrate on hands and heads.. but the result was also a surprise to me

  4. Love the suggestions of movement and the spalshes of color!