Friday, March 18, 2016

Guido Westerwelle ist tot

That is the headline today in German Newspapers: Guido Westerwelle is dead. He was a German politician from the FDP Party. He became foreign minister and vice chancellor between 2009-2013 during the previous Merkel government.
I draw him 2013 during an "open door" day at the Foreign Affairs Building. He was there talking to the public, without any knowledge about his leukemia. A year later after he retired from politics, he got the diagnostic after doing some tests for a minor operation. What shock me about his death, is that he was young and he was suppose to start a new life, and from nowhere he got this illness. He was just 54. It could happen to me, it could happen to anybody. R.I.P

Monday, February 8, 2016

My review from the paperworld fair

As some of you know, almost every year I visit Paperworld  / Creativeworld fair in Frankfurt. Sometimes I work there, sometimes I visit. This year I was working at the Caran d'Ache booth. On the last day I took some time to visit other booths and here is a review of some new products I found interesting this year.

Caran d'Ache:

 As I mentioned before I worked three days at the Caran d'Ache booth. The quality of their products is outstanding. I spent most of the time drawings with the Museum watercolor pencils and Luminance 6901 permanent color pencils. The Luminance 6901 has the strongest lightfast resistance in the market. 

However my happy discover was the blender: a wax stick that blends colors together, blur edges and increase the intensity of colors and mixes. I made a test to explain it. You can use over permanent or watercolor pencils, but since it is a wax, it would mask watercolor pencils against water after applying it.

PS: you can find many of my drawings with Caran d'Ache color pencils in Instagram omar_paint

ShinHan Art:

It is good to keep an eye on this korean company. Every year they have new products, with good quality, competitive prices and great packaging.

If you are an architect or designer probably know their alcohol based Touch Twin markers. I use  their watercolors so I was very happy to see this new watercolor palette, very robust, nice design, transparent acrylic interior, an extra small removable palette also comes inside, but was not available for the photo.

Stillman & Birn:

Stillman & Birn keeps pointing towards paper and binding quality.

I finally could see their new range of softcover sketchbooks. I am happy to see the Gama, Beta and Zeta series also available in my favorite landscape format.


If you are an Urban Sketcher you know Pentel. The black Manga Brush pen is a must and their waterbrushes...well you can't have enough of them. Besides the small, medium and large brushes, I discover this year that they also offer a flat brush. (left bottom)

Nevskaya Palitra (White Nigths):

Did I mentioned that I learnt to paint with White Nights watercolors? They offer  professional quality for a reasonable price.  They have now a small portable case practical for sketchers and what is great: Kolinsky sable brushes, very very affordable!! amazing !!!

You would find them under the name of the company Neskaya Palitra


Super5 is also in the fast track of innovation. They have now also their mix media sketchbooks in hardcover and what they call universal sketchbooks: you can use alcohol based markers as well as light washes of watercolors* (the paper bends a little with water, but it is still very robust to keep working on it) They are also launching new calligraphic pens with new nibs: 07 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm and ink rollers. 


Leuchtturm1917 have many practical planners and notebooks in many colors, However this is my personal favorite: a business card holder. Isn't it cute?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fish-eye perspectives

I am still learning it. I took Paul Heaston Workshop in Paraty two years ago and although I think I got the idea, I have to constantly practice to get it right. So every time I have a new material I try it again as an exercise.
A #sunday cold #berlin afternoon at #kaffeebarberlin #ColourYourCity @pigmentmarker #winsorandnewton #winsornewton #urbansketchers #mykreuzberg
Winter is coming in Berlin, or it just arrived since today (Sunday) was snowing. Time to escape to a Cafe. I find cafes very boring for drawing. So in order to make it interesting I tried the fish eye perspective again. This is my friend Alejandro by the way, We often meet to draw together. His drawing today was very good, the markers and his drawing style work well together. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Market is no a place but a time

Stone Town is a city that changes according to time, in the morning before noon, there is market, a so in some streets and squares you will find people selling their products.

After walking close to the Market we stopped at a corner.

Stephanie was drawing an old guy, and when I finished my drawings I took some pictures with her camera.

She always attracts a crowd. Of course people are eager to comment.

Portrait in front of the Mural

A picture at the oficial opening of the new Santander Bank Building in Mönchengladbach. I was very proud posing in front of half of my mural (It is so big that there is no way to take a whole picture!)
Santander Bank, Nordpark, Mönchengladbach

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mönchengladbach in drawings

Mönchengladbach is a small city close to Düsseldorf, in the State of NordrheinWestfallen, Germany.
The Santander Bank has it German headquarters there. For their new building they commission me to draw on a 22 meter interor wall the most relevant places and buildings of Mönchengladbach .
It was hard work, with a tight deadline, but I am extremely satisfied with the result.

I went around the city to make fotos and sketches of the buildings. The sketches on site were very important since they helped me to notice important details. I used Molotow acrylic mark to paint the wall.